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Highly Recommended By The Lonely Planet ¨A backpacker community in the cloud forest, this original lodge offers a utopian take on jungle living....¨

If you come to Panama, make sure you do not miss the Lost and Found. We offer much more than a hostel. We are an adventure center. If you plan on visiting Bocas del Toro or Boquete you will definately need to stop by us since we are nearly in the middle of the two. Do not miss the opportunity of experiencing our tour options. More than 75% of our tours are only done by us. We offer hotsprings, jungle hikes, night safaris, beach tours, secret waterfall, indigenous village experiences, coffee and wine tours and much more. On site, we have a games room, a bar with happy hour, movie lounge, viewing platforms, organic coffee farm, onsite jungle trails, rescued animals, 2 kitchens, group dinners and volunteer opportunities. In otherwords, think Lost and Found Eco Hostel when you plan a trip of highlights, such as Boquete, Bocas del Toro, San Blas, Panama City, surfing and diving. Because we offer a cloud forest jungle experience only found in our ecohostel. Have fun planning your trip and we hope that you find this website as a useful tool for exploring Panama over the internet. We hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, the Management

Panama’s only fully functioning Eco-hostel inside the Cloud Forest!

Hours of hiking trails inside the Fortuna Forest Reserve – Relax and enjoy some of Panama’s best birding or start off in the labyrinth on our treasure hunt, Indiana Jones style, through giant strangler trees and hidden caves.

   Swim through natural pools and waterfalls and hike to lookouts with vistas as far as the Pacific Ocean and Costa Rica.

   Have some O.J. from our own citrus grove on the viewing platform and wait for the monkeys, sloth, and blue morpho butterflies that come right to the lodge.

   Take off on road excursions to hot springs, petroglyphs, secret waterfalls, beaches, and river canyons.

   Head down to meet Cune – part wise grandpa, part mad scientist and drinking buddy.  Have his fruit wine, organic coffee, sugar cane juice and a farm to table lunch.

   Give Rocky some love!  Our rescued honey bear (kinkajou) cannot get enough affection.

   Great hostel vibe with foosball tournaments and sing-alongs around the fire.   More than 300 movies, books and games for rainy days.

   Give back with various volunteer opportunities.

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